Iran Packaging Awards

Which package performs best?


Competition between roles

The series of Iranpack Awards competitions is an opportunity to recognize and introduce the best player in Iran’s packaging scenes every year.
The purpose of this event is to develop packaging and all its benefits in Iran via identifying the best and most useful performance in the field of packaging. This performance can be design and production with direct or indirect impact in this area.
Iranpack Awards competitions is for all those who have been affected in any way in the packaging industry and have a role in its growth in any way.
The pillars of this event are:
  1. The winners of the competition
  2. Judges
  3. Sponsors
  4. Executive Headquarters

In fact, all the first three pillars are among the Iranpack Awards because each of them, in their position in the year of holding this event, felt responsible and played an effective role in the development of Iran’s packaging industry. Therefore, even the sponsors of this event deserve to be praised and introduced for investing in the development of the packaging industry in Iran by supporting the packaging competition and its executors and winners.

The first pillar are the packages that have performed best in their role and mission.

This role can be related to any of the factors of sales, consumption, handling, maintenance and other packaging functions.
In fact, a good package is not just a beautiful package, but it must have its proper function in all stages of a product’s life.
However, the score of each factor will vary depending on the mission of the product and its packaging.

The second pillar is the judges.

Relying on their experience and high understanding, along with other judges, they will select the best works based on the set criteria.
Most criteria are fixed, but may change each year based on global standards and trends, national standards and trends, and new technical and professional advances.
As in the past, the selection of judges is a very important part of this event and the organizer is very sensitive in this regard and considers certain criteria.
Public vote may also be added to this section.

The third pillar of the event are the packers of the sponsors.

Many of the sponsors of such events in the world are people who have the power and motivation to improve their human community and business environment.
They spend part of their capital on social responsibilities.
One of the important social responsibilities is to identify and encourage people who have done their job responsibly and correctly.
By sponsoring the event with quality, the sponsors actually help people get to know the good work and know the quality indicators.
At the same time, they have an effective role in encouraging the creators of good works.

Reza Nouraei
Creator of Iranpack Awards competition

With nearly three decades of successful experience in both the field of packaging and media, the brand owner of the Iranpack Awards is expected to witness a successful joint experience with its sponsors by holding a comprehensive event of excellent quality and standard.

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